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The best in you is yet to come!!

The best in you is yet to come!!

The Best in you is yet to come - Thoughtsadda

Failures and hardships are something that a person finds difficult to handle and becomes gloomy going through it. These tough situations could be understood in other way as to extract the best ideas and innovations from one self.

Not only success but also self – satisfaction about one’s own profession and workplace is what expected in healthy lifestyle and that could be achieved only when one decide to move on and on in life irrespective of the no. of rejections and failures. If a feel of “best is yet to come inside me” resides in ourselves then no matter what life asks for, we feel ready for each and every challenge.

The famous example of multiple rejections and disappointment is the story of Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) COLONEL SANDERS.

kfc colonel sanders thoughtsadda | The best in you is yet to come!! | ThoughtsAdda

The story is highly inspirational about how a failure evolved like a star in his sixties; a age where a normal common man settles down in his work and want a resting life, Colonel ended up in becoming a hero and inspirational to many.

His recipe was rejected 1,009 (One thousand nine hundred) times before anyone acclaimed it. His secret recipe became hit and he pursued his dreams of spreading KFC franchises and hiring KFC workers all across the world.

After a series of failures and misfortunes, Sanders hit it big as his chain expanded internationally and finally sold the company for 2 million dollars ( $2M) When he died, there was approx 6,000 ( Six thousand ) KFC locations in 48 Countries.

And now, KFC is 2nd largest Restaurant chain after McDonald’s with 20000+ locations in 123 countries.

What a DREAM CUM TRUE but, this happened due to firm determination of Colonel and his endless confidence in himself that helped him overcome every twist and turns of life and become a MILESTONE FOR THE COMING GENERATION.

SLEF – BELIEF, COURAGE, DETERMINATION AND A ZEAL of moving on unless the goal is achieve is only key to success!!!

Believe in yourself!! As best is  yet to come.

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