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First Meet with love of my life

First Meet with love of my life

when you meet the love of your life

The day had something special in it may be nature had its own way of introducing the change in your life. The usual things seemed to be alluring and exciting. I was supposed to meet a totally unknown person all alone at a famous restaurant. Whole day went with the mixed feel of excitement and nervousness. Mind was busy boggling in queries of how to start conversation, what to start with, what all I need to ask and so on. The culture of arranged marriage had its own path to find a suitable match for oneself. But the trick occurs when one had to meet a unknown for the first time and had to decide whether the person is suitable for you or not. The same happened with me when I was supposed to take utmost important decision of my life in one meet only. Initially, I resisted and hesitated to meet the guy and take the counter decision of my life. But after initial hesitation I agreed and a day was decided for the meeting. And there starts the actual war inside me…….what to wear, how to take entry, how and what to speak….etc etc….!

Finally I got dressed up traditionally in simple and sober style and left home to meet the guy chosen by my parents. I gathered all my confidence and guts for the meeting. Generally, meeting a person normally is not a big task but when it becomes matter of life, task becomes little scary and you become nervous automatically. Still, I entered the place where the guy was already waiting with almost the same expressions and feelings as of mine.

With initial hi’s and hello’s we started to talk.

What the feeling it was! OMG! Unknown person, new place and that to you are supposed to take the utmost important decision of your life “LIFE PARTNER”. The conversation began about our hobbies, likes-dislikes, future plans about our careers etc….. In between those simple talks I gathered some time to have a quick glance at him. Sober attire and calmness on face attracted me. He made me comfortable in his company and I was free to ask any question that floated in my mind about him. He answered with all his honesty and was trans-clear about his habbits, lifestyle and choices. That was his USP because he was natural and was not imitating not even for a second about himself. After few minutes of conversation I was clear that YES he’s the one meant for me. But our meeting went long and long and we were enjoying each other’s company so much. The moment intruded when calls from our homes started coming. None of us wanted to wind up the meet but we were supposed to. With good bye that meet ended and I was left with only one thought in my mind “him”.

That one day left unforgettable memories as I found the soul mate for myself. #love# special someone# Life partner #My soul mate

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