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Be a Follower of Idealogies Not The Idol

Be a Follower of Idealogies Not The Idol

Follower idealogies not idol - Thoughtsadda

Every person has some unique qualities within them that differentiate them with rest of the crowd. Some have the ability to lead the crowd along with them to such an extent that people whole – heartedly and blindly follow them. But, the leader should be such that he doesn’t fool the people but be a true path maker for them. It is not at all a fallback to be a follower but one should follow the IDEALOGIES OF A PERSON AND NOT THE PERSON AS A WHOLE.

It is very difficult to become a role model for the people because when a person becomes a public figure, each and every action of them gets a limelight. It becomes a truth for the people that every action did by their idol is what need to followed without change in it. This sometimes leads to a greater trouble because not every deed is good and not every lead by the leader is acceptable.

The example could be quoted for this instance is of GURU RAM RAHIM SINGH. A social group leader, actor, singer and moreover one of the most powerful Indians is recently convicted under the RAPE AND MOLESTATION CHARGES for 20yrs. WHO IS HE?  A public figure or a criminal. It could be easily understood by the backdate deeds of the GURU.

Life journey of Guru started when he took the leadership of a social group “DERA SACHHA SAUDA”.

DERA is a Indian religious cult group and self-proclaimed “non-profit social welfare” organization for religious learning. It leads to the establishment of many ashrams or religious centre where NAAM meditation was taught to its followers. The organization had 3 main principles:

  • No consumption of meat/egg.
  • No to alcohol, drugs, tobacco.
  • No adultery or illicit sex.

Also, under the leadership of RAM RAHIM, dera runs 3 hospitals and 13 educational institutes. He organised drives for BP, Sugar & Cholesterol screening that was recognised by Guinness World Records. He has records for Most CARDIAC ECHO TESTS.  In 2011, he initiated SANITATION DRIVE and also supported Govt. Campaign for the same. In 2012, a super speciality hospital at sirsa was founded and also a DIASTER RELIEF and WELFARE agency named as GREEN-S WELFARE force wing was established after Odisha cyclone & Gujrat earthquake. He also crusaded against Drugs, alcohol and prostitution. WHAT AN INSPIRING IDEALOGIES OF A PERSON in association with his group.

It is itself a great satisfactory thought to follow such principles of a Guru to help the mankind; But not the person in particular. As a public figure of existence, he is a great leader, an inspirational guru and social worker that had the ability to influence millions of people but as a person in particular had deep backlogs and bad thoughts that stoled his true fame from him.

People who followed him blindly were left with nothing but to an guilt of following such a horrendous personality who came out to be a rapist & murderer.

This example is a true incidence is to how blind following of public figure leads to ultimate disaster and stress in the mole. Follow the ideas, principles and ideologies of a group to help the mankind and avoid being a follower of a person.

To save mankind, to be an leader inculcate exceptional qualities


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