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Get inspired and inspire

Get inspired and inspire

Get inspired and inspire - Thoughtsadda

It has always happened that things which are on the height of their success are only noticed in the society than that may be a whole-sole company or a person in particular. But, nobody is keen to know the actual hardcore journey of the success that lead to ultimate publicity.

As it is said, nobody earns a penny without hard work and when it comes to becoming a public figure of success, the journey is really tough. But the toughest task is getting inspiration to become a role model. As for better chemical reactions catalyst is needed, so as with humans if you want to succeed in life with outstanding results, you need INSPIRATION.

INSPIRATION may be of any form i.e. any event that happened or may be a person who becomes a light of encouragement in someone’s life.

The inspiration that encouraged me to follow my dreams came in form of my LIFE PARTNER. He is the one who has faith and confidence in me that yes I had the calibre to succeed. He always supported me every aspect of my life and when he come to know my writing passion, he boosted to follow it. I was little hesitating to write as may be my thoughts are not worth reading.

But he supported me by making me realize that may what happen in life, HE IS WITH ME. If I failed in one task he will support me in another and that become the turning point in my life.

I started to write with my thoughts on general sectors of life and he became my CRITICS HANDLING SECTION i.e. he picked my mistakes and helped me overcome them.

This is the story of every common person in this world that they hesitate to follow their dreams just because a flame of inspiration and support is missing in their life. The consequences of failure and hardships shatter their confidence as there is none out there to collect those pieces of dreams and confidence and create a frame of success for them.

Having talent to pursue your dream is different and actually working on your dreams is another. But only bridge that can bind them together is the LOVE, SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT AND CONFIDENCE IN PERSON FROM HIS/HER LOVED ONES.

That can be anyone like father, mother, siblings, friends or your better half.

Everyone is self-centered towards their goal of life but choose to become inspiration for someone. Help someone to follow their dreams because it is true that diamond shines very brightly but that shine is exaggerated by the hardwork of a GEMS CUTTER.

Be on the backstage to help someone perform outstandingly on the stage of life


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