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Language is just a way of expression not the essence of impression

Language is just a way of expression not the essence of impression

Language is just a way of expression not the essence of impression - Thoughtsadda

Language is just a method of human communication either in spoken or written form which consists of words in a structured and very conventional way. When a person learns a language, it only helps him to communicate with the people around him. The aim of the language is just to express one’s views on different platforms and discuss things with his counter fellow persons.

It is very true that if one is not clear in expressing his view through his language, he is not acclaimed at all. But it’s all about clarity of one’s language and not the choice of language used to communicate.

The pronunciation and tone of voice depends on the environment one belongs to as area greatly affects the tone of voice & language and how particular words are spoken.

For the country like India which is famous for its variety in languages and dialects (about 23 official languages and English being major Foreign language), it is rather difficult to encounter same pitch and tone from all residing people. Also, tone and pitch changes in very km in India with its changing dialects. Indian culture is so rich in its treasure of language that it does not require foreign language like ENGLISH to get it acclaimed worldwide.

But, still majority of people who lacks fluency in English also lacks their confidence to speak their surroundings. It is an extra if anyone is fluent in English but if he fails to excel in it. It doesn’t lead to its failure in life. If this was true then GREAT SWAMI VIVEKANAD would not have fascinated millions of people across world speaking his mother tongue Hindi several years before English gained importance in the world.

Today, also person in our country feels ashamed to express their views in HINDI or any other regional language but people across world speak their own dialects inside & outside of their countries.

Eg: CHINESE AND JAPANESE always speaks in their mother tongue anywhere across the world. But Indians specially feels ashamed of speaking in HINDI their very own official language.

But, this stereotype was broken by our PM MODI when he allured thousands in his speech at UN OFFICE IN HINDI. He boldly expressed his views in HINDI and his message was conveyed to all with the help of translators.

The fact is how you choose to express and not by mode of expression. The language is just a way to express but should not become the only way to IMPRESS.

Be bold to express your views, be confident in your way of speaking and always respect your mother tongue. Because when you respect your language, everyone else is automatically forced to.


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