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How to plan a first date with your dream girl

How to plan a first date with your dream girl

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Meeting your special someone alone for the first date itself is a dream cum true obviously, a person will try his level best to make the day a memorable one. Excitement to do something new and special for her, nervousness of the first time, fear of everything will go perfect as decided or not etc etc.. are some curious queries that a person goes through.


Candle light dinner
Candle Light Dinner

First of all, whenever a guy plans for a meet with his girl, he should be aware of the basic likes and dislikes of her, like what kind of atmosphere she like, what kind of music she beats on, her favourite cuisines etc.

Then a person should plan his budget as it is root-build of any relation financial stability, extra expensive, being boastful and swagger around things should be avoided. Be as natural and simple as you can.

Layout plan of a day:

  • Choose an elegant place where when a girl step’s forward, she feels the aroma of the nature.
  • Pre-plan her favourite cuisine and soft music of her choice.
  • Purchase any small gift for her like any makeup accessories, perfume, jewellery etc as a token of remembrance of “the day”.
  • Dress up neatly and simply in attire you feel comfortable in because when a person himself is in comfort, he can pass on to other.
  • Sprinkle little perfume to create a special fragrance of yourself.
  • Pick her up from her place and start the day with softness of flowers.
  • Proceed the conversation asking about her feelings of the meet & thereby sharing yours too.
  • Allow her to feel relaxed and pull the chair for her to sit.
  • Continue talking slowly and slowly about asking her thoughts and passing yours too.
  • Start with mocktails & starters, proceed with main course and end with the sweetness of deserts.
  • All the conversation should be healthy and in polite manner without use of any abusive words.
  • At last gift her your surprise and hold her hand and ask about reviews of day.
  • Drop her home on time and thank her for the special day.

Enjoy your day with some ideas above to have a wonderful start of your relationship.

Love your partner with all your soul and heart!!!

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