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How safety of children became a high concerned issue for parents

How safety of children became a high concerned issue for parents

How safety of children became a high concerned issue for parents - Thoughtsadda

Safety of each and every person at every stage of life is as important as being alive. But, when the issues hit the sector of children, it becomes all the more important. It is the prime duty of every parent to safeguard their little one.

It is very obvious on the part of parents that all they are concerned about is their children, their happiness and all the required safety measures for their little wonders. Every parent according to their lifestyles follows the safety guidelines for their kids to ensure whether their little one is safe or not.

When the children are under the safeguard of their parents, they feel fully secured and parents too are very satisfied. But, parents can’t be around their children all the times. That’s the time accidents that could be life threating happens to the kids.

One such HORRENDOUS INCIDENT came across the limelight when an innocent 7 yr school boy was brutally killed in the school bathroom of DELHI BASED INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. The wounds detected on the child’s body after post-mortem were so deep and strong that the weapon with which his neck was sliced went deep inside to touch the spinal cord, the wind pipe and food pipe along with ears were brutally ruptured.

The boy lost the battle of life on the way to hospital. All this happened by the cruelness of the bus conductor working for the concerned school.

Now, the question arises from the incident that how a bus worker entered the washrooms of the kids with such dangerous and sharp edged weapons and could perform such horrified task.

The incident opened up to many crawled questions before the parents about the safety of their children whom they send with utter belief on the school authorities. There is a stream of rage amongst the parents, who are puzzled and confused with queries like DO MY CHILD SAFE IN SCHOOL, SAFE IN BUS, SAFE OUTSIDE THE HOUSE, WHY NO GUARD AT THE TOILETS and NO GUARD TO CHECK WHO ENTER PREMISES etc etc.

Parents are right on their part because every parent today is paying high amount of fee and allowances to school authorities just for the betterment of their children and after so much efforts people are left with nothing expect high levels of tension and concerns about their kids.

Such levels of ignorance and irresponsibility are not acceptable at any cost to any parent that took life of their loved one. This is not a small issue to be ignored but a real matter of concern for every parent to ensure the proper safety of children. School authorities except spending high amounts on fuzzy snow offs should spend more on security features of students and CCTV’s & guards should be properly implanted inside and outside of school premises including travelling convinces for proper security assurance.

Every unauthorized personnel should be banned entering premises and all the identity details of the people working should be updated time to time.

All is to be done to insure proper safe and secure environment for the children.


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