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Upbringing of Child : A Joint Effort

Upbringing of Child : A Joint Effort

Upbringing of a child is joint effort -

Raising a child to become a well rounded person in itself is a long and extremely tough journey for the parents. It is always a new task for the parents as they themselves learn each day as to how a better life could be provided to their child.

Parents learn by their very own self-experiences happening each day and also by the guidelines of the experienced family members. But, as it is said,

Practical examples is what remembered till last

          The crucial point in raising a child is to establish a solid support system at home and at every surrounding of the child so that upliftment of the child is satisfied with their achievements and ambitions. The goal as a responsible parent is to help your child feels competent and confident in each and every stage of life.

But does this upbringing a duty of single person either MOM or DAD? The answer is ‘No’ because each person has different qualities and styles and that could be taught to the child with joint effort only.

          If the child needs to be JACK IN ALL BOX types than this efficiency is learned by the presence of all the family members together.

Generally, society expects mothers to play the all time role to support her child. She is expected to part away from her hobbies, fun time and also career (for working women) for the better upliftment of her child.

Slowly and slowly she is engaged in the day to day activities that she completely forgets herself. This is highly condemned by those who feel the importance of self-space and career for women.

As the life of father is not affected with the arrival of newone, some support should be levied to the mother so that she along with self-dependence is able to deliver best upbringing to her little one.

          Duties towards the child should be equally shared by both parents than that may be play time, sleeping time or any other child related work. Healthy atmosphere with giggles and chuckles of little one, smiles of the parents and satisfactory & healthy informal discussions should be the essence of the smart and lovely family.

The child in his growing years is very keen towards learning new things. This is the time when he should be made to interact with different people because every single person has a unique quality and it could be adapted by the child with their presence.

And major upbringing of a child is greatly dependant on the parents.

Sharing duties and supporting each other will help each parent to teach the best lesson of life to their child.


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